Monday, April 16, 2012


A few Thursdays ago the embroidery class got together and started making a Fourth of July wall hanging, designed by our guru, Sherry Newton.  Above is the second of eight flag arrays that go into this wall hanging.  I am notoriously bad about putting things off until the last minute, so hopefully this one will be finished well ahead of the actual DAY!

Here's the other iron in the fire claiming my attention these days.  Kate M from the guild is teaching the Market Bag this Wednesday, and above I am auditioning fabrics to use for it.   The yellow is the bag and the stripe is being used for both the lining and the tall pocket.  The tall pocket is lined with the roses on spotted mauve, which folds down over the stripes for a cuff.  The other pocket is mauve lined with a slightly blue-ish or light spruce green.  There's supposed to be a button where the yellow pin is located.  The green folds over the mauve to create a different slant on the opening to the pocket.

Get it?...a different SLANT...?

Oh, well, I guess you had to be there.

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