Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Kate M. taught the Market Bag class today.  I'm really glad I did alot of the preparation at home, what with ironing on all the fusible fleece and  fussing over which fabrics to use for what sections of the bag.  The outside pockets include one that has a space just for your cell phone.  You can see the line dividing the mauve pocket to create this space.

One of the things I did that was not in the class instructions was to  monogram one of the faces of the bag. 

Usually the handles to the bag are short, about 22" long, and placed on each side of the bag. However, that length doesn't work for me, so I decided to make just one long one that inserted on one side and ended up on the other.

Inside, the multiple pockets are a handy way to organize everything from pens to makeup.

Here are some examples of other people's fabric selections and their work in progress.

Batiks are wonderful for this project.


  1. Very pretty. Might have to put this on "the list".

  2. Well it is beautiful as usual. Love the inside pockets and the outside pockets. Your momogram turned out really nice.. Good Job.