Saturday, March 24, 2012


Yesterday the ladies of my development got together to descend, en masse, on unsuspecting Wake Forest, the Old Town section.  We intended to go to tea there, just for the fun of it, but first a little browsing in a curiosity shop on White Street.  And you should have seen the sales ladies' eyes get big when our group of nine bounced into a really nice consignment shop.  We scattered everywhere, trying on this or that and posing in front of mirrors.

Once noon rolled around, we settled into the Old English Tea Room for a wonderful repast, complete with teas of our choice, homemade salads and muffins and scones and Devonshire cream!

The tea room has an antique store downstairs from the restaurant.  Lots of china, some furniture, crystal, hats of all sorts, pictures and the inevitable knick knacks.  Upstairs there are many different varieties of tea, both loose and bagged, tea cups and saucers, steepers, candles, plates and the like.  There are two rooms with tables that will hold four or more, a Christmas tree always dressed in tea cup finery, and a genteel elegance that makes you wish you had worn a hat and gloves. 

As the afternoon wore on, we became merrier with our "girly" day out.  Smiles blossomed into laughter, and some even hugged in glee.

We talked our patient and very attendant waiter into taking a group picture of us as a memento of a beautiful spring day and some wonderful cameraderie.

We ended the afternoon at the Cotton Company, which is a cluster of artisan shops in an old cotton mill.  I bought some interesting door or cabinet knobs, which I am thinking of making into a towel or jacket rack for my laundry room.  If I actually achieve that goal, you can be sure it will show up on this blog!

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