Sunday, March 4, 2012


One of the things I really like about quilting for others is that I get to know all their secrets, i.e., those that are usually hidden from view on the back of the quilt tops.  It brings me to my knees -- not in defeat but in admiration -- when I see someone's work that is square and neat, well pressed, and flat.  I love it when I don't have to "quilt it out" and can just enjoy the process.

Well, Joyce T is such a quilter.  And she is fast as well.  Only about two weeks ago we were on a road trip to a quilt shop so she could get fabric for this quilt, and here it is, all done and just as straight and true as you please.  That's pretty fast work!  This Log Cabin is stunning.  Sometimes when I do things fast, I make mistakes or cut corners or otherwise sabotage a perfectly lovely project.  And then there are others, like Joyce, or BFF Mary, who can sew like a whirlwind and it comes out great!  So here's this 90" x 90"  quilt top that Joyce made for a raffle for a good cause.

I would have a hard time donating this one -- it's so pretty with its fall colors.  So I used feathered leaves in a pantograph across the entire quilt.  Their shapes can be seen best in the lighter areas.  The thread is variegated fall colors.  I hope her cause sells lots of tickets!

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