Wednesday, March 14, 2012


By now I'm sure that most of you will have heard about the tornados in Indiana nearly wiping out whole towns.  What you may not have heard yet is that for some reason, the state did not classify these devastated areas as disaster areas and therefore they are not eligible for funding for rebuilding.  Something about having met their quota.  How can that be possible?  What about the years when they DIDN'T meet their quota?  Where did any excess apportionment go?  Sounds to me that certain politicians need heart transplants....

That touched the hearts of some of our quilting guild members, who sent out an appeal for quilts for these victims. So I went to our collection of 2 1/2" strips that we had gleaned from donated material a few months ago and found some brightly colored children's fabrics and put together this Road Block quilt.  Others of us are making their own quilts for these kids.

Some of the local churches are collecting basic supplies, like soap and water and clothing and sending it on.  There's a problem we have found with sending the quilts:  so much damage was done to the towns that we don't have a contact person yet who will administer the distribution of the quilts to the children.  Sometimes it's an issue of trust and sometimes it's an issue of available (wo)manpower, but our guild is working diligently on finding someone who will do the job fairly and quickly.

Just a note on the fabrics:  the main body of the quilt was from the strips we had made from donated material to the entire guild.  The backing was whatever larger pieces of flannel I could find in the donated fabric, and the binding was a cheerful stripe I had bought years ago, thinking to make just this very sort of thing someday.  I used a floral pantograph to hold it all together. 

Now all we need is that one volunteer to receive and give out our quilts.

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