Thursday, February 16, 2012


The embroidery on this wall hanging was done by my BFF, Mary, many moons ago.  I had always intended to frame it with plaid and hang it with an interesting twig.  So I framed it and bound it last week, but when I went to go outside to get an interesting twig today, it was raining.  Our home is on a lake in a woods -- peaceful and beautiful.  We have always called the rec room downstairs "The Lodge", so Mary's embroidery was wonderfully apropos.

No thunder or lightning today, so I sequestered myself in my lurkim and quilted Joyce T's Outreach Program quilt for her.  I love McTavishing but my freehand doesn't look much like the real thing, so I used my IntelliQuilter to do this pantograph.

People don't seem to realize how nice it is to have some plain areas in their quilts so that the quilting can shine through.  This quilt had plain medium blue borders, so I used a variegated thread and gave it a little pizzazz!

Our Outreach Program quilts this month will be going to the VA Hospital in Durman, NC.  Just another way of saying Thank You to our men and women in the armed forces.

So what did you do today?


  1. I;m usually nervous about leaving plain areas in my quilts because my longarm quilting ain't that gorgeous. Please, I would luv to learn what longarm machine you use and how you like your intelliquilter?

    I came to your blog this morning for the first time thru some blog surfing. I noticed that you are a retired OBGYN...that is soo awesome! What wonderful experiences your life must have in memories due to your hands birthing the miracle of life! Now your hands can create different miracles.


  2. I like the way your framed your embroidery. I am the one that did that for you. When you made your hubby his quilt and said you were going to put it in the lodge downstairs.