Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This is the completed top for the Painless Cathedral Windows project I'll be teaching my guild in two weeks.  I hope I can get it quilted before then, but if not, at least they will see what the finished pattern looks like.  Some people learn by watching.  I'm one of those.  Some learn by doing.  I'm also one of those, but I DO better if I have SEEN what I'm supposed to be doing first. 

These three blocks are #'s 2, 3 and 4 in the 20 block series of crazy quilt embroidered blocks that I started wayyyyyyy back in October.  I couldn't make the November class because I went on a cruise with my sisty.  And I couldn't make the December class because DH and I went out to California to celebrate his mom's 80th birthday.

So, I updated my DD sewing/embroidery machine with the newest updates put out by Husqvarna Viking and sat down to try to catch up a few days ago.  My machine coughed, sputtered, and plastered a "motor overload" message on its screen.   I tried cleaning it, contacting the HV yahoo group for advice, and asking Sherry, my local computer and HV and software guru.  Nothing.  So I guessed I should just take it into the shop.  Trouble is, the shop is an hour and a half away.  I don't make those long trips for just one thing.  My next 5D software lesson wasn't going to be until the 17th, and I could take in my cantankerous beastie then, but I was feeling dismal about having to miss yet ANOTHER embroidery lesson!

So I loaded up the machine with hoop and fabric and thought I'd just give it a whirl.  The doltish devil wouldn't even read the USB with the patterns in it.  In a last ditch effort, I put it through the commands to download the updates from the USB stick (I had done it by cable the last time when it refused the stick), and this time the machine took the update like a dream and started stitching out with only an occasional motor overload message.

I'm still going to take it in to be checked, but it's good enough for me to take it to my lesson this week.  Hurray!!

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