Saturday, January 28, 2012


Steve and Lori Clayton run a wonderful quilt shop called Threads Run Through It in Phenix, VA.  I LOVE going there, even though it takes an hour and forty-five minutes to get there.

You can find just about any fabric you would ever want for your quilting projects.  Here, Myrt's devilish grin speaks volumes about 1) her glee over finding new goodies for her stash, and 2) her solution as to how to get these newest acquisitions past her husband when she gets home. 

Not really.  Most of us have co-dependent husbands who understand that a cold meal is better than no meal at all; that laundry can and does get done eventually, even if it's in the middle of the night while we're obsessively stitching out our quilts; that a happy quilter is MUCH better than a p----d off woman going through fabric withdrawal; and that if Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Joyce has discovered the newest tease in the shop:  scraps by the pound!  I'm telling you, these people know how to market!  Could a restaurant sell scrapings from customers' plates?  Could a hospital OR sell used sponges?  Could a newspaper sell last week's papers?  No!  Basically, most left overs are ditched because they are contaminated or obsolete.  But not scraps!  Scraps are pure gold, and the more eclectic, the better.  Joyce is a very happy camper in this picture, believe me!

Mary hates to shop.  Fortunately, she has a hubby who doesn't mind doing it for her.  However, it's a different story when it comes to fabric.  All of us who quilt are basically junkies.  We get high just being in proximity to fabric.  We have all sorts of guilty (quilty) pleasure pulling bolts from their shelves, feeling the smoothness of well made cloth, fantasizing about how it will look in our projects, matching it to others that complement the color scheme.  Ahhhhh.  It's heady stuff, this addiction of ours.  Here's Mary, getting her fix for the day.

The Threads Run Through It team are so very welcoming, especially to groups.  They will make you a free lunch, and a very hearty one at that, if you tell them a group of you is coming.  The table above was one of two, chock full of treats.  Sliced ham, roast beef, turkey and two kinds of cheeses for our sandwiches were on this one, and grapes, cookies, raw veggies with dip and chips were on the other, along with delicious iced tea or water.  Yum!!!

Mary is taking a moment of peace after completing her shopping to text her hubby.  The front porch of this quilt shop is inviting, with its quilts hung on the walls and many rocking chairs.  Occasionally, Wingnut, the cat and familiar of this place, visits and INSISTS on being petted.  He is a long haired, mostly white and brown, large cat who thinks everyone is his friend.

And so we bid adieu to Day Four of Mary's visit.  We got home too late to do much sewing, so we knitted instead.

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