Saturday, July 9, 2011


The roster for the many officers and committee chairpersons is complete for my guild's election, which is being held next month.  It's hard to get anyone to step up to the bat to be President, but Linda B did so with her customary grace and cheer.  I get to be VP next year, and as such, I will be in charge of finding teachers of interesting, repertoire-stretching techniques.  One of the things that my guild has not done much of is quilting with wool.  The darling little candle mat above by Bareroots Quilting will probably be one of our projects this year.

Our teacher for that project will be Debbie Powell, who runs "Miss Lou's", a quilting store  in Henderson, NC.  Debbie has consented to giving us her time on our schedule in March, 2012.  She doesn't sell fabric, but she does ALOT of teaching of quilting techniques.  And she has a private stash of felted wool that she uses to make up kits for her wool classes.

Just in case you don't know the difference between wool felt and felted wool, felted wool is woven cloth that has been shrunken with hot water and heat in the dryer.  Wool felt is random wool fibers that have been glopped together in a manufacturing process.  You can compare felted wool to wool felt much like you can compare a solid wood plank to a pressed wood item.

This Christmas holly in a pitcher is another project that the guild can vote on.  Debbie has lots of things she teaches, but we need to limit our class to one thing.  I thought this one was beautiful.  The designer is Sharon Stewart of Liberty Rose Patterns.

Lastly, this Tree of Life is from Nancy Johnson-Srebro's book, Big Block Quilts by Magic.  It has NO Y seams!  If the guild doesn't choose this one for a class, I may just buy that book myself and do this project.  I love no Y seams!  I couldn't find Nancy's web site for you to visit, but you can Google her or go to to find her books.

We're going to kick off the new guild year in September with a two day visit by one of my favorite quilt artists, Marilyn Doheny.  I'll show you some of her works tomorrow!

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  1. All I can say is you have an Awesome Guild and I want to join. I love all three of the projects that you have picked out.