Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Myrt S brought me this cute throw that she made out of fabrics with cats and kittens on it.  Some of the blocks and the backing have paw prints on them, so I decided to quilt it using a pantograph with lots of kitty paw prints throughout.  Pantograms are rows of the same set of interconnected designs, row after row, parallel to each other.

I have many parallels in my life.  This particular day, DH was putting in the tile flooring to the wine cellar, which used to be part of my lurkim and is now built out in preparation for setting up some wine storage bins and "tasting" table in their own little room.  So there we were, both working in the same space, essentially, doing our own thing.  When children do this without interacting, but each playing his or her own thing in the presence of others, we call that parallel play.  Further socialization produces interactive play.  DH and I call that dinner.

DH and I completed our jobs at the same time.  (We've always had good timing...)  So here's a peek at a closeup of the paw print pattern, which I did with blue, tan, and brown variegated thread.  And off to dinner.

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  1. That is perfect quilting for that quilt. Love it.