Saturday, July 16, 2011


Having had some marathon days of quilting finally come to an end, I am taking a breather.  But, like alot of ADD's, I am having trouble focusing on just one thing to do.  If I don't have four or five irons in the fire at the same time, I'm uncomfortable.  So I started a few things and ended some.  Here is one of the things I ended -- a hostess gift for a friend -- an IN THE HOOP checkbook cover and keychain with pocket in the back.  I have to put the snap on, and then it's finished.  I got the pattern from  Easy and cute!

This project I started years ago.  It's a Fons & Porter magazine pattern that consists of pieced columns alternating with appliqued columns.  I just finally finished machine appliqueing all three columns.  The pieced blocks were made years ago, so now I have to assemble them and then put the whole thing together.  More about that as it evolves.

My niece, Jenna, saw the keychains I had made for myself and my sisty and asked if I could make one with her name on it.  Well, no.  There really wasn't room in the applique area to put her whole name, but I came across this combination coin purse/key chain that is made IN THE HOOP and has a clear vinyl window behind which she can put her business card.  She sells Pampered Chef on the side.  And this can clip right on her purse if she doesn't want it to be a key chain.  It can hold lots of her cards in the zippered area instead!

I'll finish that cute little project today, and then I'll have QDD (Quilting Deficit Disorder)  and will have to go fire up my IQ and pet some quilts again.

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