Monday, June 6, 2011


I took a little trip over the past 5 days to see family and friends and to get my hair done correctly.  Yes, hair.  I have not found a completely acceptable hair dresser these past four years since we moved to EBF, VA, so every three to six months, I bite the economic bullet and go to the big city where I used to live and get a decent job done with my longtime favorite hair dresser, Katie, who makes me look like ME again instead of some frumpish backwoods denizen.

Having gotten that off my chest, here are the promised Sue B quilt pictures that I didn't have time to post before leaving on my marathon trip.

This wallhanging is about 36 x 36 and consists of 32  4" churndash blocks alternating with solid 4" patches surrounding a central appliqued 11" block.

I chose to quilt the solid patches with a cathedral windows motif, which made the quilt look like it had been embossed.  Those corner patches that are only 3/4 of a block were a doozie!  I had to fashion the pattern myself to make it fit into the 3/4 block at the same size as the pattern for the full blocks.  This was done with the aid of my ingenious IQ system for my longarm using a continuous curve approach.

Here is a close up of one of the 4" squares and the quilting in it.  You can enlarge it by clicking on it.

The applique outlining took the longest to do and required the most precision.  It helped her lovely design "pop", didn't it?

And now off to the laundry and my lurkim.

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  1. Love the quilt. You sound like me about the hair cut. I finally found a hair dresser here where I moved to. When I first moved here I got on her list and now I feel like I have made it. She called me one day with a cancelled appt. I grabbed it of course knowing that I didnt need a hair cut so she just shaped it a bit. Now I am there every 6 weeks. Arent small town just wonderful..