Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Is there anything so wonderful as seeing the next generation complete a rite of passage, ready to begin the preparation for taking its place in the world?  This past weekend DH and I attended our eldest grandson's high school graduation.  Oh boy!  Did it ever bring back memories of his daddy's first day of school, first basketball game, first drum set, first girlfriend, high school graduation, college days and graduation from university, then police academy graduation, meeting his wife, having their first child, oh my!  What a long span of time!  Those forty plus years went like a flash.  In the picture above, beginning from the left, is brother Dalton, graduate Chris IV, mom Sheri, and dad Chris III. 

Proud grandparents:  DH and I with Chris IV.  This is one set of grandparents.  The next picture shows all of us, including Chris II, who was my first husband and the father of my children.  We all get along very well, by the way -- better than we did when we were married, I think.

Oh dear.  My blogspot won't let me download the picture of all the grandparents.  Well, here's Chris III (my son), Chris IV (my grandson) and Chris II (my ex). 

Now to concentrate on the next three grandsons as they head for middle school.  Three more high school graduations and four college graduations to go!

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