Saturday, June 25, 2011


Joyce T loves green, so when it came time for her to make her first quilt, she selected a green, tan and off white palette. She cut the squares, sewed them together, and, like we all do, put the quilt top away. Years pass. One day she digs it out of her closet and decides "I want to finish this." And guess who she brings it to? Right - me!

So, the way I usually do, I look at it for awhile and see what reaches out to me. The blocks aren't all that big, so quilting each independent space would be too dense and too busy. And what color should I use? The theme is definitely dominant in the green arena, but there are the off white and tan colors to deal with, too. I don't want something with too much contrast for these paler colors.

And then I notice: the lighter green is a soft, pale jade with darker viney scrolls through it. On the end of each tendril of the vine, a sort of heart-shaped darker leaf is found. Eureka! I search through my threads and come up with a soft, pale jade green thread that almost perfectly matches this fabric. And I quilt it with Sweethearts Garden, a lovely, whimsical vine with large simple leaves in which hearts are nestled. Here's a close up. You can see it even better if you click on the picture.

There. Done. And I think she will love it.

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  1. Donna, I love that pattern that you choose for this quilt. The leaves just go with the green. Another great job.