Monday, June 27, 2011


I don't think of myself as stupid except when it comes to computers.  Then I would classify myself as "challenged", and then some.  Anytime I want to participate in some computer function, like this blog, I have to be walked through the process with a compassionate hand-holder, like Mary, who will patiently explain each step of the way until I get it through my dense noggin how to do it on my own.

Same thing for the software for my Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond.  It's called 5D.  I bought the 5D Extra program and added Stitch Editor to that.  This past Tuesday I attended a lesson in Stitch Editor.

Now, before I tell you about that, let me tell you that my interpretation of what those 5 D's stand for is:  $$$dollars$$$, dumb, difficult, detailed and delightful.  I spent mucho dinero on this program, but not as much as people who bought the Pro program.  I feel totally imbecilic when I sit down to try to work with the program on my computer -- again, I need the hand holding.  The process is difficult if not impossible to figure out on your own:  hence, the lessons I have been taking for months.  The lessons are extremely detailed -- so much so that my brain refuses to digest them during lessons -- thank heavens for detailed handouts!  And delightful -- I'll bet you never thought I would add such a positive point at the end, did you?  But the end result of learning the lessons and finally applying them is delightful!

The "doily" above is my first lesson in adding cutwork needles to the steps in embroidery.  This pattern did not come with cutwork in mind.  It was just an embroidery pattern, but my teacher worked out how to edit the  pattern and add the steps and directions so that bits of the embroidery would be cut out -- i.e., cutwork. 

It took me the whole day yesterday to try to figure out this lesson.  Our assignment was to finish editing the pattern and save the work.  Not only did I finally figure it out and save it, I stitched it out as proof that even this 5D "challenged" damsel could GET IT -- at last!  And you can bet that this piece of work is going to end up on a T shirt or a bag or some other project.  It took WAYYYYY too long to do it to just put it away.

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