Sunday, May 8, 2011


What did I do with my Mothers' Day?  Well, since neither son could come this year, DH and I re-covered the stools in the kitchen.  The fabric is black with a sheen to it, thick like upholstery material, and has gold and white woven threads running through it.    We got it at a marvelous fabric outlet in LaCrosse, VA that usually makes comforters, drapes and the like for hotels.  I wanted something sort of plum-ish to go along with the vineyard theme, but DH thought this classic black weave would be better for not showing dirt.  He's right, of course, and once it was on the stools parked against the granite of the island in the kitchen, well, that granite just "popped" and looked even better.

Eldest son had sent a Visa in his MD card, and after finishing all four stools, we splurged and went out for Mexican food -- probably our favorite, next to Cheesecake Factory.

Then, as we were coasting down our driveway, we noticed that the orange irises had bloomed.  Here's a picture of one.

Isn't that a nice thing to have happen for Mothers' Day?  I think so.  Several other flowers were in full bloom -- the pansies, of course,  and these purple beauties which I think are verbena.  If I'm wrong, please send me the real name so I can correct my blog.

So now it's time for a nap until The Borgias comes on.  Doggies are slumbering.  DH is drifting away.  I still have 24" of my baby shower gift to finish, but then I might give in to the sandman for a bit, too. 


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  2. I think the above comment was misdirected.

  3. They look really nice there. DH made a great choice of fabric. The flowers are beautiful also. I do hope that you had a good mothers day. I went to Richmond and did the Susan G. Komen walk with all of my guys. They all joined me this year so it was really special..