Saturday, May 28, 2011


In an earlier post, I showed you the crocheted blanket I had made for my niece, Cheryl, who is going to have a baby girl, Payton, in August.   I have to admit that there was a technical error on my part in one corner of the blanket.  I have fixed it as best I can, after the fact, but there still remained a dissimilarity between that corner and the other three.  So I decided to girly up the blanket by making a three dimensional crocheted flower, which I will sew into that corner to camouflage the discrepancy.

I got the pattern from BFF Mary and set to work.  I have to say -- I am fearless when it comes to crochet, but there was one part in this pattern which I simply did not "get" and had to tear out my work three times.  Finally, I accepted the fact that there had, at last, arrived one pattern that was my Achilles heel, and I winged the row that stymied me so.  What evolved was this darling 3D flower with three tiers of petals, about 5" across.  The center was an open circle, so I made a tiny, tight little pom pom and sewed it in there.  Cute!

Today I have chores to do -- sewing chores.  Sewing chores are more like a holiday, though, and since this is a holiday weekend, I'm right in the spirit of things.  This is my sewing machine table.  I have several quilts to put labels on, a pair of pants to hem, and some straightening up to do before I can have my reward.  What is my reward, you say?  Here's a hint:

This is the booklet that I bought with exercises in it so I could learn my new Babylock Imagine serger!  Yes!  I finally tossed my Singer Quantum.  Just could not thread that thing correctly, so it never got used.  A local (1.5 hours away  -- that's local for us!) quilt shop was having a super special:  bring in any sewing machine as trade, and they would take $1000 off the high end Babylock sewing/embroidery machines they sell in the store.  Well!  I just couldn't pass that up.  But I sure didn't need another high end sewing/embroidery machine.  So I called them and asked if that deal would apply to their high end sergers as well.  They agreed to extend the deal to the sergers, so I trotted down there and came back with this:

And I was VERY good -- I didn't buy one scrap of fabric while I was there.  I did buy the rolling case for the serger and the exercise book, both of which I think are completely reasonable purchases.  What I love about this serger is that they have an AIR-GUIDED threading system!  You push a lever, and air puffs your thread through tiny pipes and voila!  You are threaded and ready to go!  At least, the upper and lower loopers are.  The needles you still thread the usual way, which is not the problem with sergers.  It's those doggone loopers that drive you crazy.

I need to put Sue B's third quilt on the frame and get that started today, too.  Wait till you see that quilt!  She sure makes beautiful music with her fabrics.

So off I go to do my chores.  Have a happy holiday weekend.

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