Monday, April 25, 2011

Red, white and blue!

Sue B is a dedicated QOV'er.  The quilt above was started by someone else who, apparently, got tired of trying to do the curved piecing.  Sue is undaunted by that sort of thing and finished it herself.  It's made up of many, many red, white and blue batiks, and is VERY busy, both in the patterns in the batiks and in the pattern of the quilt.

Now, when either the fabric or the design of the quilt is so busy that any quilting designs would be lost, what do you do? You do a pantograph that complements the quilt.  Since this quilt had lots and lots of curves, I chose a wild and wonky star surrounded by billowing cloud-like echoes.  Even on the back, which is also batiks, you can't see the design well except for the borders:

Some young soldier is going to love the intricacy of this quilt, and I hope it warms his/her heart to know that people like Sue still care.  There are other organizations who work to bring aid and comfort to our wounded troops, so check with your local organizations to see how you can help.

Also, check out my new blog: for some neat tools and tips!

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  1. I really like working with curved seams. You can just get so many different patterns with them. Some times I just sit and make them and have never put them into any thing yet. One of my favorite old timey patterns. I know I must be crazy..