Wednesday, March 30, 2011


These are Bali Bowls.  I love the colors and shapes of these things but am all thumbs when it comes to trying to make them on my own, so I've decided to take a class to learn the right way to do them from Wish Upon A Quilt, the quilt shop that donated all that fabric for our Disappearing 9 Patch Outreach quilts.  I love baskets and would fill my house with them if I could.

Today it is pouring outside.  Doggies have had their morning sniff and visit of backyard hot spots and have been toweled off and treated to their morning cheese tidbits.  I will be finishing my king size D9P today and starting in on the quilting.  In my lurkim, which has no windows, the brightness of the day, or lack thereof, has no significance and pales by comparison to the quilts on my frame.  Still, I can't resist sunshine on the scrunched up adorable faces of pansies. 

 I checked to see what was happening to all the bulbs I planted.  I think the squirrels and deer got them.  Not a one has come up.  I had envisioned oodles of iris and bluebells and daffodils gracing the charming stone lining the flower beds.  Alas, my efforts seem to have been in vain.  Undaunted, after this rain is over, I shall sally forth with trowel in hand and phlox in box.  After all, there's more than one way to plant a garden.


  1. Your pansies are so pretty! I have a book "It's a Wrap" and clothes line and fabric strips ... purchased, hmmm - maybe 2 years ago. BUT ... no fabric baskets made ... yet. Someday.

  2. Your flowers are beautiful, I would love to take that class with you. These baskest are wonderful. I checked the date and for me it is not one that I could make. You will have to give pointers.