Monday, March 7, 2011

Clearing out my studio

Gerry brought me this sweet baby quilt to quilt up for her as yet unborn great-granddaughter.  The backing is this wild pink printed flannel and oh so cozy.  Gerry has a plan.  She makes quilts BEFORE they are needed.  She has finished all the quilts she needs to make for her children and is almost finished the ones for her grandchildren's wedding gifts.  Now she's working on great-grandchildren.  How wise is that?!  Gerry was a nurse in her professional life.  She had to be organized.  That characteristic has certainly served her well in her quilting career, too.  If you weren't a nurse in a former life, maybe you were a Girl Scout.  They had to be organized, too.

On Wednesday I am taking the first 18 or so quilts to the people at Madeline's House.  They are all boxed up and will be loaded into my car in the next two days.  This has led to a clean up effort in my topsy turvy studio, which has suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous  mayhem as a result of harboring fabric samples and then packets of fabric squares for the Outreach program and then all these quilts that have come in.  I'm not sure I would have volunteered for Outreach Chairperson had I known how messy it would be.  But see!  My cutting table is clean again!  So is my sofa. 

Nature abhors a vacuum. 

No sooner did I create a clean space than I filled it with a new project.  I came across these luscious fabrics in JoAnn's of all places!  And I knew that I just had to make a king size quilt out of them in the D9P pattern that we all used for our Outreach quilts in February.  I love that pattern.  Here's how it looks after cutting down the middle horizontally and then vertically and reassembling after turning two of the opposing quarters:

It's much more dramatic, not to mention pretty, to have the large gorgeous print march across the quilt followed by three little dark green squares than it is to have the rust plaid (magnify the picture to see the fabrics better).  The third little square comes from the cornerstones of the sashing between the other two squares on the outside of the blocks.

So I'm going to happily work on this before the next two customer quilts come in on Wednesday.  This will be so pretty on my bed -- soon, I hope.


  1. How awesome is that to plan for all your future gifts.
    The fabric from Jo Ann's is stunning. It is going to make a very nice D9 patch quilt. How you are enjoying the warmer temps.

  2. Oh how big do you make your nine patch square before you cut it in fourths?