Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hurray!  I have finished the nine blocks for my Lucinda Brodie quilt.  I am almost finished making the flying geese, too. Another day and those should be done.  That is, IF I don't have to spend several hours on the phone with AT&T again. 

We have gotten new phones and service, since our old provider has sold out to AT&T.  Although the sales people couldn't be nicer, there have been many, many problems setting up the account and getting our old numbers into the new phones.  Turns out it's a snafu on AT&T's part, but in the last four days, it has taken two visits to the store for a total of five hours and three telephone calls, each taking 30 - 90 minutes, during which each helpful but uninformed woman assisting us has had to retrace all the steps that had been taken by all the "helpers" who went before her.  Sigh... 

One of these days we'll get it all straightened out. Meanwhile, we bought one of their MicroCell boosters.  Our area of EBF, VA has poor reception for our cell phones.  Our former provider, Alltel, had the best reception, but they sold out partly to Verizon and partly to AT&T.  We tried Verizon and got ZERO reception here.  We're in the section sold to AT&T.  Even though for most of the surrounding countryside in our area we get adequate cellular coverage, we only get one bar in our home, if that.  But with this new gadget, we get five bars!!! Woo hoo!!!  At least THAT problem is solved!

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