Thursday, February 3, 2011


I received this darling coffee set from my BFF Mary when I visited her recently.  The cup is just the right size for a leisurely introduction to the day.  Included were the delicate china spoon, a packet of French vanilla (YUM!) creamer, and a poem:

We've shared a coffee and a chat...
As friends so often do.
So when you brew this single cup...
Imagine I am there with you.

My eldest son and his wife gave us this wonderful Keurig coffee maker for Christmas, so I popped in a K cup of Newman's Own Special Decaf, sniffing its heavenly aroma as it steamed and poured its way into my new blue and white French Hen cup, stirring the French Vanilla creamer into it with my pretty new spoon, and took my first taste.  Mmmmmm!  Too good to waste.  I have a habit of making myself a cup of coffee and walking away from it, becoming distracted by the various demands of the day.  But not today.  Today I had a full schedule, but first -- the luxury of an uninterrupted whole cup of coffee!

Here's to you, Mary.  Wish you were here.

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