Saturday, January 22, 2011


DH has gotten the hang of this garage thing now, and while I was away quilting with Mary, he was installing a great big compressor in our garage.  Why? you ask.  Because he has tools that are run by compressed air rather than electricity.  They don't need batteries.  They don't require wires running to outlets.  But they do need heavy duty air hoses.  That air has to come from somewhere, and this big green cylinder is what will supply that for him.

When a compressor runs, the rotating assembly of the cylinders on top of the compressor motor create some vibration.  This may cause the compressor to move unless it is anchored or has some method of dispersing the vibrations.  DH built these gravel filled pads to do just that.  Isn't that clever?!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we had a good head of steam going ourselves.  We began adding the backgrounds to the stars.  Mary had four completed to my two, but I'll catch up -- some day.  The light part of the stars is shirtings, and the star fabrics are mostly reproduction fabrics, and the pinkish-coral background of the blocks is RJR's An East Wind from 2006.  Next we need to add the centers of the stars and work on the MANY flying geese! 

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