Monday, January 3, 2011


Another garage project!  This marvelous swivel chair is adjustable, solid, comfortable, and my assembly contribution to the organization of the garage yesterday.  Meanwhile, DH  put up window blinds.  He has a thing about people looking in his garage.

They are definitely an improvement.  We also had WAYYYYYY too many coolers.  I think I counted 10 of them.  We are keeping four -- two huge ones for outdoor parties ( one for beer and one for sodas), one to take with us in the boat for sunset cruises and canapes, and one for just water if desired.

DH made this storage shelf for them to get them off the garage floor.  I'm telling you -- he's really caught on to this organization thingy!  Uh oh... looks like he snuck an extra one in there UNDER that shelf!  Hmmmm.  We'll have to negotiate that.

He even went through four storage bins of hunting clothes and paraphernalia and weeded out the too-small, not-used, extra-one duplicates and packed them up to give to local hunting friends.

This picture is of the two bins of clothes and five of the extra coolers that he is giving away.  Plus some trash that didn't make it into the first load yesterday.  The big event for our weekend is taking the trash to the dump, and we always have a very full truck bed.  When you empty that, it sure gives you a sense of accomplishment!  Ahhhh -- country living at its finest!

While he was doing his sorting and packing, I was quilting in my lurkim.  Once I get the binding put on, I'll show that one to you -- maybe tomorrow.


  1. YAY for progress but I gotta ask ... "he has a think about people looking into the garage" ??? Who's been peaking for 3 years?

  2. He has a thing about our less-than-friendly next door neighbors snooping into his business. And there have been alot of workmen around here this year -- so he thinks it will make for less advertisement of the contents of the garage to have the view obscured. Now to figure out what to do with the huge front window!