Thursday, January 6, 2011


In one of my earlier blogs, I showed you the quilt I had made for eldest grandson and told you that DH had happened to walk by my sewing room while I was ironing the top.  After his remark about what a nice quilt that was, I took the hint and created one for him out of the extra plaid triangles I had (and still have!) from grandson's quilt.

To keep it simple, I used the same quilting on it, too -- a Baptist Fan pattern that I did quickly and easily with my wonderful IntelliQuilter, which I refer to lovingly as IQ.

Within five minutes of my finishing the binding, DH absconded with his new quilt and did a "test drive" -- looks like it was a big success!

By the way, check out the backing.  It's a zebra stripe, in keeping with the downstairs great room motif:  The Lodge.

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  1. Well what more proof do you need? A job well done.