Friday, January 28, 2011


It's moving day!  DH has left the employ of a bodyshop in Roanoke Rapids, NC in favor of an up-to-date, climate controlled, OSHA regulated, and very Labor Board approved bodyshop associated with the largest dealership enterprise in the Colonial Heights, VA area.  Although today was a little rainy in Colonial Heights, DH is wearing a sunny smile, relieved to be out of an untenable situation in the former shop, where he was being required to do things that were harmful -- to himself and to the environment.  More on that later when the data has been distributed...

He rented a 26 foot truck with a lift gate from Ryder.  Strange that they never mentioned that they had all kinds of sizes with lift gates.  He could have saved a hundred dollars with the 16' one, since he had only four huge tool boxes to move.

I have to say that this picture makes me laugh out loud.  When we moved to EBF, Virginia, almost 4 years ago, we had to put his tool boxes into storage for a few months until we were settled in and he had a new job.  He and I, BY OURSELVES, moved those suckers, each weighing approximately 2500 pounds, without a liftgate but up (and down) a thin metal ramp to a trailer on which had been placed plywood.  At one point, one of the tool boxes got away from me and started rolling off the side of the ramp.  Fortunately, it was stopped because the wheels dug into the plywood, after which much grunting with accompanying Saxon expletives ensued as we struggled to get the darn wheels OUT of the plywood without having the tool box topple off the side of the ramp.  But we did it, and we did it alone.  Here you see three grown, strong men  straining to keep a tool box (I wonder if it was the same renegade that gave us trouble back then...?) from rollling off the lift gate too rapidly.  Better them than me.  I learned my lesson the first time.

Although they really aren't ready for him to begin until a week from Monday, he's got a place to store them until then.  This stall will not be their permanent home, and he will have to roll them deeper into the other side of the shop to set up housekeeping there.  What a happy man he is today!  And, we have an enforced one week vacation, during which I'm sure we'll attack that honey-do list with increased vigor as well as maybe even go to the movies -- if we can find one near us out here in the boonies.  The best thing is that we are completely content hanging out with each other, whether loafing or working, so I'm looking forward to this next week before the long commutes and long hours begin again.

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  1. Best wishes on that new job. I used to live in Colonial Heights. Small world.