Monday, January 24, 2011


Today I woke up sporting a pompadour, a la Ace Ventura.  Even water liberally applied would not tame the mane.  Add to that the shock of seeing myself standing in front of the mirror au naturel, my 60+ year old bustline looking like something out of National Geographic, and the day wasn't exactly getting off to a good start.  So I decided that I would stay out of sight of civilization and quilt. 

This is a quilt for our Outreach program in the guild.  It was given to me to quilt by one of our members.  Now, I don't charge guild members for quilting their charity quilts, but I don't want to do 10 or 20 of them and not get something out of it besides brownie points, either.  So I would like to ask you all out there to give me some feedback:  what if I agreed to quilt someone's charity quilt if they would also bring to me their non-outreach quilt of equal or larger size to quilt for pay?  That would let me expand my customer base and still donate some of my time to charitable endeavors.  Smaller quilts can easily be quilted on one's home machine, so I think a cut off of 40" in the smallest dimension is reasonable, too.  Maybe this would encourage our members to make larger quilts.  We seem to be having a run on smaller ones.  (Our guild supplies the batting for these quilts, just in case you wondered.)  Let's hear what you have to say on my proposal.  Be honest.

While I was quilting, I put a pot of chili in the slow cooker for this evening's dinner.  Today the sight of me would have offended the finer senses of the locale.  Tomorrow it'll probably be the chili.  Maybe I should plan on staying home again tomorrow....  After all, I DO have those charity quilts to do AND my Lucinda Brodie.

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