Monday, December 20, 2010


Seven more LOONNNGGGG hours in the garage yesterday, bagging trash, photographing stuff to go on ebay, sweeping, moving stuff around to its proper place until -- voila! -- we have visible floor space!!!

Jet, our male dog, stayed with us as we worked almost all day.  He's a very people-y dog.  Wants to be with us as much as humanly (doggily?) possible.  We were so delighted to see so much floor after our labors that we turned up the radio and danced!  Right there, in our garage, on the once obscured floor!  Jet thought we were attacking each other and paced worriedly, but after he heard us laughing so much, he settled down.

If you will notice in the picture, you can see the '67 Chevy Nova tail to the right of Jet.  That was before we moved that car to the far left of the parking space we had just created.  Move a car?  How?  Well, you jack it up, put (HEAVY!) steel trays on steel wheels under the front wheels, then jack up the back end on a moveable jack and push with all your might until the blasted thing moves its carcass out of one space and into the other.  The front wheels came off their carriers three times during this process, and DH had to patiently jack up each side of the front of the car and reposition each carrier every time, but finally, it was done!!!

In this photograph you can see that the tail of the Nova is to the left now.  All that is left to clean out on this first major go-round are the few boxes you see on the right, which will be done sometime AFTER Christmas.  We are taking a well-earned break from garage cleaning 'till then. 

I almost have room for my car!!!  Oh frabjious day!!  Calloo!  Callay!

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  1. WOW and WOW and WOW! You have done an amazing job! There actually IS a floor. HURRAY