Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

Brrrrr! It is a frosty 27 degrees down here in the south. I'm looking longingly at Florida about now. Or maybe Honduras. Someplace warm. For now my studio will have to do. On to the next lesson on making this quilt.

The four strips, each  measuring 2 3/4" wide by the WOF, have been sewn together to create a strip that's about 9 1/2" high.  This strip in turn has been divided into 9 1/2" squares.  The squares are placed on the cutting table with their strips running in the same order, and then diagonals in each direction are cut.  My 23 sets of four strips yielded four squares each, or eight triangles each, for a total of 184 triangles.  Considering that I only need 13 triangles per strip in the finished quilt, and there are five  strips of triangles in the quilt, that makes 65 per quilt.  But if I want it to have 6 rows, then that would be 78 triangles per quilt.    Either way, I can make two twin bed quilts and still have enough triangles left over for a lap quilt or some other neat little project.

These are some of the strips.  Unfortunately, I ran out of the cream flannel, so I have to go shopping, which is not an easy thing to do since we live in EBF Virginia (don't ask me what that means -- I won't tell you if you don't already know.)  So I'll trek up to Walmart to see what they have.  Later this week we're going back to the Petersburg area to turn in our Verizon phones, which have NO service at all where we live.  Verizon is a wonderful service provider to all but 2% of the USA.  We lucky stiffs are among those blessed 2%, I am sorry to report, but at least it will get me near a JoAnn's if I can't find the flannel closer to home.

These are my scraps so far.  They look absolutely delicious!  I can't wait to make a pincushion or a table runner out of them!  I know I said I throw away scraps, and I do.  But I've always been a pushover for plaids...

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