Monday, December 20, 2010


Some people are wise.  They wrap their presents as they buy or make them.  Me, I like to look at them "naked" (the presents -- not me), imagining the faces of the people as they open them, happy with my selections, comfy surrounded by all my "loot."  So today, I needed to wrap them ALL.  Let me tell you, if you have never procrastinated like this, it is not a pretty sight.  After a few hours hunched over my cutting table and running around looking for boxes and more wrapping paper, and where are those darn bows anyway, I had this great pile of goodies, all spiffied up in their holiday finery, ready to greet and delight my loved ones.  And an aching back.  So I needed a cookie.  And a cup of cocoa.  There.  All better.

DH is usually loathe to wander into my studio for fear I will ask him to try on some article of clothing or hold something up for me to check length on, and I do confess that I have pirated him away from his own interests a time or two to hang curtains or rearrange furniture.  So I understand that when I am in there, I probably won't see him of his own volition.

However, he happened to go by the door as I was finishing ironing the top for young Chris' quilt, and he remarked how much he liked it.   DH is usually not the soul of subtlety, but I got the message.  Thank heavens I bought extra flannel!  Now I'm scrambling to make the second quilt a little sooner than anticipated, so here's a peek at the disarray on my sewing table.  Four strips done, one to go, and then assemble with strips of flannel, put on the border and quilt.  I have three more days to do it in.  I think I can... I think I can... I think I can....

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  1. You have been a busy bee. AND ... you beat me in the "get-a-lot-done-in-a-short-time" race!