Monday, December 13, 2010


Eldest son's eldest son, Chris, just got early acceptance into Virginia Tech!  I had promised him that I would make him a quilt for his bed at college, and as of this morning, I hadn't even started it yet.  Well, I had, several months ago, but I didn't like the colors for him after I got started, so I put it on the back burner.

So when I heard that he had made it into VA Tech, I jumped for joy, called him to congratulate him, and immediately began a search of my books and printouts for a quilt pattern that would look like a guy's quilt but still maintain the warm-and-fuzzies that grandmas are so famous for.  Most quilts appeal to women/girls.  Most quilting patterns are feathers and flowers and the like.  Men may admire them, but they don't want to be seen with them.  So I had to find a pattern AND fabric that was manly.

This is it, only I'm going to increase the size to make it big enough for a twin bed.  This pattern is called Tall Tales, and it's from the book More! Laps From Fats by Good Intentions.  And I had lots and lots of plaids, mostly in cotton flannels.  So this AM I cut 62 WOF (width of fabric) strips of the darker plaids and 30 of the lighter ones.  I then had this amazing pile of 92  two and three-quarter inch wide strips.

The rest of the day was spent sewing these into 23 sets of four strips each in preparation for cutting out the next step -- the triangles from which the long zig zaggy  strips are made.  They have been starched and pressed and are ready for tomorrow's efforts.

Hmmm.  I might have overdone it a little.  I might have enough for three quilts here.  We'll see how things go.


  1. HURRAY for a start! This means not as much chatting this week ... we're both extra busy.

  2. Way to go HOKIES!!!! That is my part of the woods. We go to all the home Tech games. Congrats.