Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sunny Cayman

Let me set the scene.  It's mid-October, the time of year that DH and I had our wedding -- in Lake Tahoe.  Over the years, we have gone to several exotic areas of the world to celebrate that day, but we often return to Grand Cayman, where we have several time shares since we like this island so much.  This year we decided to reprise our wonderful time last year and return to the island, anticipating that although it is hurricane season, we have always lucked out with the weather.

Upon hitting the tarmac, we were greeted with a warm, very brisk wind.  The sun was shining.  We had been told that it was raining in Grand Cayman, and we had resigned ourselves to hanging out with the computer and catching great dinners for entertainment rather than the scuba diving that is our favorite pasttime.  Each day brings with it dark clouds and some rain.

Two more days go by, and a horrendous storm hits, bending the palms low and ticking noisily against the sliding glass doors of our condo.  Apparently it was the parting shot of some southerly winds as a result of Paula, just north of us.  We're starting to get cabin fever but accept this with equanimity and start surfing ebay, wondering what we can find for excitement.

Finally, after only a few hours of pounding the island with all its might, thunder and lightning included, the clouds drift away, apologetically, and the sun breaks through!  We are elated!

We pile into the car and take the north road to the Antique Car Museum, which is just a few feet north of the Turtle Farm.  Here, in the lobby, is the first automobile ever made!  It's a wonder to behold. We enter the museum, gasping at the gorgeous old cars, and the recent ones that bring tears to a grown man's eyes.  Not that DH did that....  I'm just saying...

Below is DH in front of my own dream car.  I LOVE Bentleys, the older the better.  We weren't allowed to touch anything, or else I would have crawled into this little beauty and stayed there all afternoon.   I love Bentleys so much that I bought my pontoon boat by that manufacturer!

This Cadillac below is the first car brought to the island -- woo hoo!  The locals thought the devil had come and  jumped out of its way and ran to the churches in droves.  Can you imagine?  Not to even know such a thing existed in the world and then to suddenly have one chugging and backfiring along the dirt paths that passed for roads here in those days.   I'm sure they thought it was the end of the world!

The next day was even lovelier, but we didn't know that the storms were over because on the local weather report, scattered thunderstorms had been predicted.  All this weather was the result of Paula getting hung up off the coast of Cancun and then over the western tip of Cuba.  We were holding our breath for fear that she would circle back over us again.

That wasn't to be, but we missed out on the diving today as a result of faulty weather reports.  We're signed up for tomorrow for a two tank dive.  It seems a sin to be in Cayman and not be 100 feet under the water...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, take a look at the iguanas that roam the golf course here, next to the resort.  BIG ole thangs!

We'll be back homeSaturday, alas.  Now that the sun is out, we wish we could stay an extra week, but work and duty call.  See you all then!

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