Friday, October 22, 2010

New and old

Pat Sloan is one of my favorite commercial bloggers.  She has radio interviews with quilt and fabric artists from everywhere;  she runs a great blog;  she has whimsical and adorable patterns, and from time to time, she suggests trying a particular tool or method.  This time around, I am trying The Cutting Edge ruler, made by Sullivan, which I discovered on her blog.  The innovative thing about this ruler is that it has a whetstone surface on its right side that is supposed to help keep our rotary cutters sharp.  So far so good with mine.

But I do have some comments:  the ground glass background of the ruler makes it hard to see the fabric edge in some cases.  Also, left handed people have to use this ruler upside down -- it seems the manufacturer should have considered putting the edge on both sides to make it more equitable and user friendly for lefties.  Other than those two criticisms, I like it.

Once a year my quilt guild gets together with other guilds in the area and has a party.  Sometimes it's a tea, sometimes it's an ice cream social, and sometimes it's a great little smorgasbord.  We dress a little more nicely and wear hats if we're so inclined.  This is my "guild hat", whose pins represent various bits of pleasure in my life.  I love to wear this hat, just for the fun of it.  Unfortunately, the Day of Sharing this year occurred while I was on vacation, but I thought I'd share my hat with you anyway.

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