Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Good Wife

Sometimes I think we're really spoiled.  We've been so lucky to have been able to travel to wonderful places, some of which, like Grand Cayman, have become our second homes when it comes to favorite restaurants and knowing their owners and staff.  This past vacation in the islands found us admiring a new bronze fountain outside a sparkling new shopping arcade.  The graceful forms of southern sting rays struck a chord in us because we're scuba divers and have had many memorable dives with these shy creatures.  So we sat down on the rim of the fountain, talking about all the beautiful things we had seen in these Caribbean waters, and along came a young lady who was kind enough to take our picture for us.

That was the last day of our vacation, and it was hard to come home so soon this time because we hadn't yet had our fill of diving, what with the lousy weather the first three days.  And then the airlines changed our flight times, which was of some concern to DH because he had hoped to participate in a points race Saturday night.  Some other racers  had brought his cart for him just in case he could make it for the race.  The change in schedule put us into Raleigh at 9 instead of 8, and we scrambled to get the luggage and the car and then high tailed it up to the Virginia racetrack as fast as we could go.  We didn't stop at home first; we didn't stop for refreshment;  we didn't even stop for the bathroom!  No indeed.  We went straight there, and lo! and behold!  We made it with ten minutes to spare for the final race!   You never saw a more excited man!

It is unfortunate that this time he had problems with the carburetor.  So he pulled off to the side of the track to adjust it.  During the previous week, while we were away, the track changed its policy about getting back in the race and now, once you pulled out for any reason, you could not reenter.  Imagine his dismay!  So that was the end of that race.  But, being the good wife, I stayed around and took pictures and cheered at the start of the race.  I didn't get to sleep in my very own bed, at last, until well after midnight.  Two more races to go.  I'll go to the last one with him in two weeks, and then I hope to see some chores getting done around here on the weekends!

Tomorrow I'll show you my newest quilting tool.

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