Thursday, August 12, 2010


Bummer!  My Y axis motor on the IQ broke/got stuck this past Saturday, and I needed to replace it.  I was on the list for the new, more powerful motors, but they don't have all the bugs ironed out yet, so I thought I was going to get a replacement older model and have to replace just one motor.

That was not to be.  Zoltan Kasa, the remarkable inventor of this robotics program, sent me two of the new motors on Tuesday.  And since they needed new mountings, he sent those as well.  With great fear and trepidation I gathered together my tools:  Allen wrench set, Phillips screwdriver, metal measuring tape, wire snips, wide ruler, etc.
Zoltan sent me the first set of motors, but the Y motor had a bent axle on its sensor wheel, so he needed to Fed Ex me another one, which arrived on Wednesday afternoon.  Meanwhile, I took a trial run installing the X motor.

I was able to put on the mountings, level them, add the motor, change the wheel base to allow the motor to clear the railing, make sure the motor was exactly parallel to the railings and screw everything down, ascertain that the drive wheel was just a hair's breadth above the railing in the resting position, and put the right plug into the right pins -- on the X axis motor.  I practiced on this one, since all parts are easily visible, unlike the Y motor.  But even so, it took me two hours!

Here's a picture of that tiny space between the drive wheel (black) and the railing.

Not so lucky with the Y motor.  It turns out that the intermediary mounting (just above that sexy looking rubber belted thingy) is 1/4" too short, so the motor won't clear the Y rails.  Back to the drawing board.  Zoltan says he will Fed Ex me a new plate tomorrow.  I'm getting used to this stuff, now.  But he sure is
spending alot of money with the Fed Ex people!!

Lest you think I am an ungrateful wretch, despite these setbacks, I need to tell you that nowhere else in the computerized robotics industry do you get such incredible, instant and specific help.  Zoltan couldn't apologize more for not being able to be here to do this work for me himself.  Both he and my substitute IQ dealer are traveling separately somewhere in the US and neither can fly back here instantly.  I don't really mind that it's all up to me.  However, DH's nose is out of joint, especially when I explained to him that I didn't want him to do the work, I just wanted to borrow one of his tools (the wire snipper).  I have accepted the challenge of doing my own machine maintenance!

Sooooooo, I get to sit on my hands again tomorrow while I wait yet another time for another part to my IQ.  But today the 5D Extra embroidery program for my HV Designer Diamond came in, and I ran down to Rocky Mount (about 1  1/2 hours away) to pick it up.  I'll install that onto my business laptop that I also use for the Diamond, and fiddle around with that until the mounting plate arrives.  This promises to be equally fun compared to putting on the new motors for the IQ, because I am equally "challenged" when it comes to computers and understanding how to fix it if something goes wrong.

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