Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I love mystery quilts.  I sign up for them wherever they are offered -- Quilt Odyssey, quilt guild, wherever!

About 7 days ago I received this and another quilt top in the mail.  There was a return address on the box, but no letter of explanation.  I didn't think I was expecting a customer to mail me a quilt, so I guessed that they might be Quilts of Valor, sent to me to finish.  But I couldn't prove it.

So I quilted the first one, and it became the second quilt I had done with my new motors to my Intelliquilter.  It went quite well, but I still had the mystery of who this person was who had sent them and for what purpose were they being quilted by me?  A web search of her name and address yielded only the information that her telephone number was unlisted.  So I wrote a letter to her, asking the particulars.  This is the first letter I have written in about 20 years! (Not counting Christmas missives and occasion cards.)

To cover myself, I also emailed the QOV people.  On the same day, I received the QOV confirmation that these were, indeed, QOV quilts and the name of the "partner", and I also received an email from the sender with, I confess shamefacedly, a copy of my email to her in July stating that I couldn't do her quilts until mid-August.  She had dutifully waited until then to send them, but forgot to notify me that they were in the mail.  And, of course, I didn't remember a thing.  This CRS thing is creeping up on me by degrees, and it appears to be winning!

Mystery solved! 

The quilt below is one I made of "inherited" blocks from an elderly lady who was entering a nursing home and needed to clear out her sewing room.   I added the floral fabric and then quilted it as the first one done with my new IQ motors. 

It's small, but it's lined with flannel. I think I will give it to the shelter for abused women with their kids -- they don't have alot that's really nice there, and I hope someone will snuggle up in it and feel comforted in their sad lives.

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