Monday, June 14, 2010

Two down...

It seems once you get the hang of one thing, that others seem to fall into place as well.  Thus it goes with my curtains, the Singer 221, a piece of electronic equipment and the dog!  To start, thanks to helpful hubby, the curtains are up in the study.  I don't like the fabric on the loveseat and plan to have it reupholstered in the next year.  It's far too fine a piece of furniture to discard.  So now I have two rooms with curtains up, four to go.

Did you notice the quilt on the cabinet?  Mary made it for me and gave it to me when we moved into this new home three years ago.  It says "A quilt stitched with the threads of love is a comforter for the soul."  This lovely and homey touch in an otherwise masculine study is balanced by the Harley Davidson lamp on top of the cabinet.  There's alot of yin and yang in our house.

So that brings me to this wondrous piece of electronic machinery --  a nice, new, up to date HP Officejet 6500 that can do everything but cook dinner (drat!).  It fell to me to install the thing, first on my computer via the wired and wireless router, and then on the wireless laptops we have in the house, and then on hubby's computer.  Well, glitch!  Hubby has Vista, so I had to uninstall the printer from his computer (just his, thank Heaven!) and then go to the web site and download all the tweaks that HP had done between XP and Vista and then reinstall.  When it comes to problems with electronics, I have a tendency to throw up my hands and run around the house saying, " (Oh, Miss Scarlett) I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' these things!"  But no one in the house knows how to do it, either, so I'm on my own.  Hubby can build a car from the ground up, but opts out when it comes to anything that's plugged in inside the house.  I am proud to say that all systems work perfectly, both hardwired and wireless, so we're good to go.

The Singer 221 quarter inch foot arrived in the mail today, so I dug out my little newly oiled featherweight and sewed some borders onto a quilt that wasn't finished yet -- and now it is.  Or should I say, it's now ready to be quilted. 

And lastly, our male dog, Jet, who had been having seizures.  Last week he started having them every day, so we skedaddled to the vet who did blood work and found that he is metabolically well. That means that the seizures are either idiopathic (read that to mean that no one knows why they're happening ) or he has a brain tumor.  He doesn't have any indications of loss of neurological functioning, so for now it's unlikely that he has a brain tumor.  So the vet put him on phenobarbitol twice a day.  He's doing well -- no more seizures, but he's a little wobbly on his legs and seems a little sleepy on the phenobarbitol.  I called the vet, and she decreased his PM dose.  Otherwise, he's in good shape.

What a productive day!

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