Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

This is son Jon with wife Shary and boys Adrian (8) and Jon Russ (10) on our front steps.  They were my most delightful guests this Mother's Day weekend, giving me the greatest gift of all -- their presence.

Shary makes cakes for special occasions, like weddings and the like, and brought one of her scrumptious creations to celebrate our Mother's Day together.  Chocolate cake with chocolate filling and double chocolate icing!  Talk about overdosing!  (She also does professional makeup for TV shows, weddings, political campaigns, and the like, by the way, and if you're interested, I will post her contact information.)

Jon Russ is a very creative and knowledgeable kid.  He likes to make origami roses (above) and cranes and Christmas tree ornaments and the like.  But he can also hold forth on subjects like dinosaurs, spiders, and various snakes and fish.  This is of some interest to me since we live on a lake and have a variety of all of the above on our property -- with the exception of dinosaurs, of course.  Unless you count how I feel after a weekend of adorable but very busy grandchildren...

I also received some real flowers from Adrian.  And then both boys helped plant marigold and cosmos seeds for my summer enjoyment. I sure hope they come up. 

The day was magnificent -- bright, bright blue skies with a bit of a wind and temps in the 70's.  Too cold for swimming -- but the boys wanted to try anyway, and quickly learned what wind chill means.  Papa Jon found a small box turtle that was trying to cross the road, so he had to "save" it from potential destruction, bringing it home to show the boys and to let it out in the safer environment of our woods.    Then he made us manicotti for dinner while Grandma (yours truly) took a nap.  Oh luxury!  I haven't done that since I was four.  Well, maybe 40....   Meanwhile, Jon and Shary and Adrian napped in the sun like lazy cats on the dock while the house filled with the heavenly smells of garlic and tomato sauce.

All in all, I'd say that this was one of the best Mother's Days I have had in quite a while!  I sure hated to see them go today.

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