Thursday, April 1, 2010

Little by little

It's catch up day today. I finished my Easter Egg jacket while visiting my sister last week.

Then I didn't like the neck of my Caribbean Summer jacket that I had made as part of a black and white challenge for the guild, so I fixed that one today.

And I quilted a charity quilt for the local orphanage today as well. It's a twin size and very bright! I hope the young lady that gets it likes it.

And here are some of the pictures of the final product for the Golden Retriever quilt. I made the laurel wreaths with my IntelliQuilter, and they really enhance the embroidered blocks.

Here's a close up of the center block. I used metallic gold thread on that wreath.

Now I have a lamb roast in the oven and sleepy dogs at my feet. I think I'll fix a tall glass of ice water and put my feet up till hubby comes home. Ahhhhhh.....

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