Friday, April 16, 2010

How to spend a sunny day

Look at this picture of the loveseat in our study.  What do you see?  A quilt on the back -- more about that later, and a pillow.

Take a closer look at the pillow.  No truer words were ever spoken, except in the case of Jesse James these days....  Well, anyway, what I wanted to be doing today was to be out in the sunshine on my hubby's motorcycle while he drove us lazily through the countryside, enjoying the 86 degree weather and the myriad of twisting and turning lanes in this neck of the woods.

But no, what am I doing instead?  I'm cleaning.  In fact, I've been cleaning for the last week, off and on.  We have guests coming for the first time to our new house tomorrow.  They are former neighbors from the old neighborhood in Silver Spring, MD.  She's a great gal, but she's also the world's most exacting housekeeper, while I am one of the most lackadaisical ones.  If there's space to get into a room and a place to sit, it's clean enough for me. 

But back to the love seat.  I bought the quilt top from one of my guild ladies during our annual guild yard sale.  It just happened to match that love seat, so I quilted it, and I put it on the back of this couch, where one of my dogs, Jet, drapes himself for naps from time to time.

And why is this important?  Because I had to wash it two times to get all the dog fur off it, just in case my company sits on it and gets all furry.

The only thing I did today for fun was to plant a tomato plant.  Just one.  I'm an optimist.  I believe it will live.  My husband says I should just buy all my plants already dead and cut out the middle man.  Cynical man.  I figure that I can't eat all the tomatoes two plants can produce, so I'll plant just one and hope I remember to water it daily.  That way if it dies, I'll only be missing 20 tomatoes instead of 40.  (scrambled logic...)

And basil!  How can you live without basil?  Last year's basil plant produced so many big strong leaves that I just about had it on everything, even my cereal!  There are two things that must exist in my food groups:  pickled ginger and basil.  Interestingly, I have not yet found a recipe that calls for both.  Maybe that would be like critical mass, and my stomach would explode.  Actually, there are three things -- one must also have chocolate....

Ack!!!  No sooner had I vacuumed and dusted and polished and gotten out the wet mop and the Murphy's oil soap than my dogs trotted in happily, the red of Virginia clay clinging to their feet.  They had dug up a garden again.  Well, it's not a garden yet.  It's supposed to become a series of water falls with a little pond some day.  They have dug up this garden several times a year since we moved down here.  But this time I have a plan.  I have bought some of those white picket fence thingy's at the Home Depot, and I'm going to put them around this doggone garden/water fall area and try to keep them out of it -- at least until the company goes!  But first to tackle their feet before they ruin all my hard work.

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