Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blossoms everywhere

My pink dogwood has its first bloom.  Seems a little shy around the other, older plants, but it'll find its way.   The sprinkler system keeps it watered every morning.  I walked around the house and watered the other plants and was rewarded by this effusive burst of color from the phlox in the terraced garden.  What you see with the phlox is a rambling rose that creeps over everything like ground cover and blooms prolifically all summer long.                                                                                            

And down at the dock, a large pot holds a very happy hibiscus and pansy combination, which gives wonderful color to the weathered wood.


To round out the day nicely, I have finished and trimmed my Sloanie Stashbuster Quilt, and will bind it this afternoon.


If you really stretch your imagination, you can envision the angular equivalent of crop circles, only these would be flower quadrangles, interspersed with tilled fields (the black and white rows) as seen from an airplane high up in the sky.  Don't scoff.  Try it.  (OK....... maybe that's stretching it a bit TOO much.)

I used a vineyard-themed pattern for the full blocks, both colored and black and white, and then put a curved and gridded triangle in the setting blocks.  This was a wonderful way to use up my Kaffe Fassett scraps;  the black and white ones came from the leftovers from the black and white guild challenge, during which I made the Caribbean jacket that I showed you in a previous post.  Maybe you would like to see a close up of the patterns.


But how is it that no sooner do I use up a whole bunch of scraps than more appear, as if by magic?  Do they hide in my shelves and sneak out at night into my scrap basket?  Do quilt fairies bring them while I'm asleep?  Well, whatever it is, I am LOADED with scraps these days and looking for a great project to use them up.  Any suggestions?


  1. Donna every thing looks so great at your place and the quilts and jackets are wonderful. As for the temps we had a light frost this morning when we got up. So enjoy all of those temps. I wont need air until maybe July and then only in the day time. It cools off in the evening. Love your blog.